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Who is ASP?


Mission statement:


Australian Strength Performance aims to be recognised as Australia’s premier strength and conditioning company. We set the highest standards in evidence based training, sports performance and education from our world class facilities.






Our Why?






This is who we are, this is our WHY.




Our How?






Training Programs: No more guess work! Our training program are aimed at optimal results, not just results. As such, they are designed with your current strengths, limitations and specific goals in mind. And because you are unique, no one program we create is ever quite the same.



Nutritional Programming: We utilize a cutting-edge method called Bioprint (also known as Metabolic Analytics) to better understand your hormonal blueprint. We know from research that hormonal imbalances can contribute to poor health and fat storage in specific regions, for example, the lower tummy and back, thighs, love-handles, arms, etc. As such, being predisposed to regional fat gain is your body’s way of telling us something is physiologically amiss needs to be addressed.

Our trained practitioners will assess your lifestyle factors, history, stressors, nutritional habits and provide nutritional and lifestyle solutions to help you lose fat from unwanted regions, rebalance your hormones and help you feel you function, perform and feel very best.



Application: Your optimal balance is central to how we design both training and nutrition.

How much time can you dedicate? What is practical for your lifestyle? What are your potential roadblocks? Are you an all or nothing person? These are just some of the questions we consider when giving you your fitness solution. To us, an optimal program needs an optimal buy-in from you. Once we know you are able to commit the recommendations, you’ll be sure that results you want will follow!