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George M

My journey as a client with Australian Strength Performance started 2 months before I had joined them. I found it within myself to decide to change my life, join a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team and lose weight. I searched the internet for help with a diet to follow and lead me to a of rice, tuna, meats, and some veggies. However, I still continued some drawbacks as 1 month of training I had not lost any weight. Now at my heaviest at 175kgs, my body didn’t look like it changed and I didn’t see any improvement in my strength and fitness.

A friend informed me of his coach, gave me his number and I contacted him the next day. This person was ASP owner and Strength Coach Ben Siong. He called me to come meet with him. In just 10 minutes of conversing with him, I was convinced that Coach Ben had the understanding and knowledge, and could support me to change my ways and help me lose weight. I weighed in with him at my biggest at 175kgs and we discussed the reasons I was there to see him.

Then began my training, I would spend 2 days training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and 2 days training with ASP, and would check in with Coach Ben for fortnightly Bioprint sessions.

I wouldn’t lie, it wasn’t a walk in the park. I remember my first session: It was my first true experience of lifting weights as I was always intimidated about going to the gym without proper guidance and without someone knowledgeable being there to push, support and inspire you. And wow, did it push me out of my comfort zone! I was huffing with a few reps and even a 5kg dumbbell seemed impossible to press as my arms became that tired.

I recall countless other sessions where I had pushed myself so hard I couldn’t even physically stand up. I was drenched in sweat and literally crawling out of the gym. But, to me it was all worth it as I wanted to change so much. Coach Ben and his team knew just how to support me. With specific training and nutritional guidance, I was losing weight fast. I had found my rhythm, I had found myself again!

With the help Coach Ben and the ASP team being a huge support in my journey, I lost over 50kgs, grew much stronger and was inspired to take part in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament. This was my goal, and I did it! In the competition, I fought 3 matches – won 1, drew 1 and lost 1. Some might see it as an average result, but for me, that was achieving the impossible!

I cannot thank Ben Siong and the ASP team for their supportive environment, for all their help and everything they did for me. With Ben’s help and support I decided complete my personal training certification and become an ASP coach to inspire and help people.

Thank you so much team ASP, let’s grow better together.

George M
ASP Coach
Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting Coach