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John J

The very first time I walked into Australian Strength Performance, I knew immediately that this was the facility for me. I made the decision to join the performance centre because I have always wanted to take my physique to competition level. The flagship centre is kitted with high quality, world renowned WATSON training equipment that is not found in regular gyms. I knew that this would greatly benefit me in my journey to stepping on stage and competing for the very first time.

I engaged ASP head Coach Benjamin Siong who, with my first consult had precisely identified my weaknesses and strengths in both my nutrition and training. Ben created the perfect nutritional plan for me that was not a cookie cutter diet plan, along with an amazing set of training programs. He guided me every step of the way, constantly checking my progress daily. His training techniques and attention to detail is simply exceptional!

Occasionally when I was training solo, I could consult other ASP coaches for guidance. This is when I found complete consistency in the centres training, techniques and knowledge. The coaches are extremely helpful as they all were on the same page.

As I progressed through my 12 weeks’ prep for competition, Ben continued to adjust my nutrition and training, assisting me with posing and gaining more and more confidence. I was truly shocked at how much my physique had changed in such a brief period of time, my dream of stepping on stage was becoming very real.

On October 2nd 2016 I stepped on stage at the ANB Victoria State Championships and took 1st place in the Male Fitness Model over 30’s category along with 4th Place in the Novice Male Fitness Model Category.  One week later I was competing in the ANB Nationals Championships in Sydney and placed 4th in the Male Fitness Model over 30’s category.

I can honestly say that i would never have had the confidence, knowledge and physique to compete and transform my physique without the guidance and support of coach Benjamin Siong and his ASP team.

Thank you Coach Benjamin Siong and the ASP team for taking me on such a fantastic journey and helping me achieve what I once thought was near impossible.

John J
2016 ANB Male Fitness model O35 – 1st Place
2016 ANB Male Fitness model Novice – 4th Place
2016 ANB Male Fitness model Nationals – 4th place
2017 ANB Male Fitness model 035 Regionals – 1st Place
2017 ANB Male Fitness model overall – 1st Place