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Sundeep B

I started my fitness journey with the ASP team 7 months before my competition. It was a complete overhaul in terms of nutrition and the way I trained. Removing dairy products, an increase daily intake of protein and minimal refined sugar changed my perception about bodybuilding. My body began to change drastically, I started to lean out and put on muscle on a weekly basis. This concept still amazes me until today, I did not believe I could do both as the usual approach i.e cutting and bulking on either a calorie deficit or calorie surplus only allowed you to get leaner or ‘bulk’ up. The approach Ben utilized was purely from a scientific approach knowing how the body reacts to certain foods allowing for his concept to work with significant results. Things like bloating, meat rotation, appropriate supplementation (high quality supplements) and acquiring sufficient micronutrients played an important role in making my body transform into what it looks like today.

From a training perspective, I was subjected to various training regiments playing around with different techniques ie GVT, strength training, low intensity and using different exercises to target areas I could not even think was possible. My programs were changed every 3 weeks to ensure I could continue to progress optimally while pushing myself to the absolute limits. Let’s just say a majority of my sessions involved me screaming in pain pushing my self-way past the pain barriers. I do not think I have ever trained so hard in my 5 years of bodybuilding!

My whole journey was structured and well planned, as Ben made sure I achieved my goals. There were regular bio-print and catch up sessions to assess my body fat percentage and progress and ensure that my food intake was optimal. During each session, Ben would also go through how my body reacted throughout the weeks and discuss about keeping my mental focus and wellbeing. Solutions in the form of various ‘tips’ and changes to training and nutrition were then introduced to make this journey more successful.

As my competition preparation came close to D-day, my energy levels were close to none and this is where the whole ASP team came to my aid. The never-ending support from them to get through the last few weeks played a big and important role in my journey. Ben and the team were there for me when I was at my lowest not only supporting me through my exercises but mentally, as that was the hardest obstacle I faced during my prep.

I would like to end with a big thank you to the whole team at ASP for the constant guidance and support which has allowed me to get through this amazing journey!

Sundeep B
2nd place Male Fitness Model U35, ANB Victoria Championships May 2017