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ASP Education International

ASP Education International is the education sector of the growing ASP Brand. Recently established in 2012 by ASP director Benjamin Siong, its goal is to help coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts better understand and explore different ideologies surrounding fitness, training methodologies and scientific research through its offering of certified courses.

The value of any course is what the participants get out of it, how they dismantle the information, extract what they require and then effectively apply the concepts learnt. Often, students pay for a course only to shelf the information, not knowing when or how to use it.

The ASP courses are unique in that it practices immediate application, coaching students through a systematic approach of integrating and utilizing the theories taught. The content encompasses a wide range of concepts and meticulously breaks up the science, clinical practice and application into simple, easily applicable concepts that is 100% results driven.

The purpose of each ASP course undergird these 3 values:


  • The Effective Application Of Knowledge Is Power – Having knowledge certainly does not mean one is effective in applying it. That’s why each ASP course exposes students to a wide range of information, teaching them to work with different ‘tools’, as well as providing a structure that they might apply their analytical skills to.


  • Learn More to Earn More – Each course ensures that the concepts taught are reinforced, easily understandable and immediately applicable to self/clients. After all, why invest in a course when it doesn’t bring a return.


  • Ensuring a High Information Value – The ASP course content is regularly kept up to date with scientific trends and studies, providing an abundant theoretical and clinical resource for students.


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The ASP courses are currently being offered in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and include:


 Modules (Non- examinable):


Physique Transformation Level 1 – 1-day course


Fat Loss Specialization – 3-day course


Hypertrophy Level 1 – 2-day course


Advanced Hypertrophy – 3-day course


ASP Certifications (Examinable, competency based) – 3- day courses:


ASP Coaches International Certification Level 1 – General population Specialization


ASP Coaches International Certification Level 2 – Advanced population Specialization


ASP Coaches International Certification Level 3 – Sports specific training and periodisation


All courses are REPS UAE certified. For more information, registration or to bring an ASP course to a location near you, please CONTACT US HERE