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Brian C

It has indeed been a wonderful experience working with the ASP team in my pursuit of my fitness goal.

Coach Ben heads the team and his knowledge and advice has helped me immensely with both my training plans and diet protocols. To top that off, the professionalism and support of the entire ASP team is undeniably top notch, and the key to my success as a competitive fitness athlete.

For my training, each program is specifically designed and takes steps to progress me to the end goal I have set. Unlike the typical “one size fits all” 3×10 rep programs found in fitness magazine, I know my program to be individually tailored by Coach Ben, and trust me when I say each session is very challenging. To make things more interesting, the programs are also changed every 3-4 weeks to ensure I do not plateau, allowing me to push my boundaries to become a better athlete.

My nutrition is a big area of focus. Coach Ben works utilizes the Bioprint system to ensure that my diet is optimal for both fuelling and recovering from training. INDIVIDUALITY IS KEY. We have worked with numerous eating plans, each one catering to how my physique evolves. I guess my transformation says just how effective that is! I also like to mention, Coach Ben goes beyond his job to set himself up as a great example – walking the talk, which serves as an inspiration for me to focus on the physique goal ahead

During my time working with team ASP, my strength, stability and physique has improved beyond measure. More importantly, this has given me the confidence that I never thought I had. It is with this confidence, that I stepped on stage to fulfil my dream of competing in the Australian Natural Bodybuilding Victorian Titles. At the age of 35 and for my first show, I brought home two trophies from the competition!! This could only be a dream when I was younger. Well, the dream did not stop there and the ASP team has since worked with me to prepare me to step on stage with a better physique for the more competitive shows.

The experience with Coach Ben and team transformed my physique as well as my life to become a better person, as I’ve learned so much about myself. I must say that I am fitter than I ever was because of the ASP team.

I sincerely thank you for your guidance and help, Coach Benjamin Siong and team ASP. Without your help, I would not be doing what I love and not find my passion on the competition stage. Working with Team ASP is the one of the best investments I’ve made in my life.

Brian C

Competitive Crossfit Athlete
2015 ANB Male Fitness Model O35 – 4th  Place
2015 ANB Novice Fitness Model – 4th Place
2016 WBFF Fitness Model – Top 10 finish