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ASP Coach International Certification Level 3


The ASP Coach International certification program is designed to develop highly competent coaches who set the highest standards of knowledge and application in science based training.


The ASP Coach level 3 Coach specializes on athletic programming and periodisation. How to we plan for off-season, pre-season and in-season training? What are the more relevant program considerations we need to account for when periodising? What is the best method for periodisation and for what purpose? How do we taper for optimal performance? These represent just some of the topics we will be covering in detail.


The course content includes:

  • Training variables to consider for athletic programming.


  • Advanced styles of loading and how do we incorporate them.


  • Energy systems training.


  • The incorporation of EST in programming – peaking the athlete.


  • Advanced periodisation:
  1. Microcycles, mesocycles and Macrocycles
  2. Methods of periodization
  3. What are the considerations for periodization
  4. Application of periodisation schemes with regards to choosing Intensification and Accumulation programs


  • Specific training protocols and when to incorporate them.


  • The immediate application of theories through training practicals.


To get certified as an ASP level 3 coach, there are three criteria:

1. THEORY – a minimum 90% pass on the ASP level 3 Coach’s Theory exam. This will comprise of both mulit-choice and short answer questions.


2. PRACTICAL – The 3-day course will include practical demonstrations, training sessions as well as numerous case study discussions.


3. ASSESSMENT – A minimum of 2 athlete success stories: They have to place top 3 in a National or equivalent level competition. This will be assessed and must include:

A) Pictures, results and dates highlighting the ‘before’ and ‘after’ achievements of the athletes.

B) A report detailing how the level 3 syllabus was applied in training the athlete. This should highlight:

  • Their goals.


  • The problems presented.


  • The rational and steps taken to design the program,


  • The program methodologies that was used. Please also provide the program written.


  • The coaching journey.


  • The final result



  • Trainers/coaches who want to increase their theoretical knowledge, develop their coaching skills as well as increase their competency in creating successful athletes.



  • The ASP Coach Level 2 course. As long as participants have completed the ASP Coach level 2 class components, they can register for this course.


  • The course is a REPS UAE certified course and participants will receive the full 10 CPD points for the 3 days. Participants will also receive a ASP Coach Level 1 certification recognized by ASP Education International upon successful completion and submission of all 3 criteria.


  • To obtain an ASP level 3 Coach Certification, all 3 criteria need to be met and achieved.


  • Each ASP level 3 coach will be added to an International ASP Coach database that will acknowledge them as an affiliate, and help promote their business and services.



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