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David C

It’s been interesting coming back after 10 years to train with Ben and the Australian Strength Performance team. When speaking with Ben this time round, I was not as unfit as last time.  I was much larger yes, but strength wise much better.  My biggest concern were current injuries and imbalances, as I’m was no longer a 25 year old but now a 35 year old, with my body responding differently.

Ben and the team sat down and spent time with me going over my concerns, injuries, and what I want to achieve and they set out to help me gain those goals over the coming months.  The Australian Strength Performance team was simply amazing, making sure I was able to really hone in on the different muscles and push harder than before.  My results are a direct outcome of their intervention. My competition prep was for about 15 weeks, and the physique change was phenomenal. I dropped over 18kgs in weight and leaned down from 20% to 7.1% bodyfat!

Being fit is a choice, your age isn’t.  I’m pushing toward 40 in a few years and most people wouldn’t expect someone of my age to pursue what I did, let alone walk away with a trophy in my first ever competition. On 13th May 2017, I competed in the Australia Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) Victorian Championships and came in 2nd in the Male Fitness Model Over 35 category! This had not only been a goal of mine, but a huge milestone to remember!

Deciding to keep my body healthy, fit, and finding motivation to make positive changes is only part of the process.  Having the right team- the best team, backing you up as you train towards your goals is the other half.

Thank you so much to Ben and the ASP team for the help they provided this time round. Your support, belief in me and your attention to detail to make sure I was in perfect condition truly shows how much you guys go above and beyond your normal roles.

David C
ANB Victoria Championships, Male fitness Model O35- 2nd place