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ASP Center

You’re located in Melbourne and want to train in a private strength and conditioning facility with exclusivity, space and support. Then look no further, the Australian Strength Performance Centre, just a stone throw from Melbourne’s CBD is one of Australia’s leading training facilities and the answer to your training needs.


At the ASPC, we search the globe for the best training toys and implements so that our members and athletes have only the best to contend with. From equipment brands like Eleiko, Atlantis and Watson to different dumbbells, bars, grips, and even strongman equipment, we house it all.


Our passion in providing the best goes hand-in-hand with our specificity of training programs for optimal results. Research has clearly shown that the lack of variety in training is the most common way to plateau and stall results. This is why your results and performance is central to our focus and the driving force of ASP.






Please fill out a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM and one of our friendly staff will get back to you shortly to arrange a visit to our centre.



Want optimal results with individualised training and nutrition? Our RESULTS AND TESTIMONIALS speak for themselves. No more guess work, just accurate and effective fitness solutions.

BOOK IN A TRIAL SESSION with one of our coaches, and we will get back to you to organise your personal 1-on-1 session. ALL OUR COACHES are highly skilled and trained to provide optimal training and nutritional solutions that are tailored to you, your lifestyle and your goals. Remember, your results are central to our focus!



Our Modified Strongman and StrongGal classes are designed to help you increase functional strength, cardiovascular endurance, build lean muscle and tone-up. Each class is designed to challenge you, increase training variety and provide a supportive team environment that keeps you on track through your fitness journey.


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