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Online Coaching

Our online coaching module – ASP ONLINE, is designed for individuals looking for optimal results but are unable to work with us directly in Melbourne. For a fraction of the cost of personal training, this system gives you access to a personal one-on-one collaboration with an ASP Coach who will personally touch base with you to chat about and design your training and nutritional solutions – wherever you might be around the world. It’s training on your terms with RESULTS!

Join the program for 3 MONTHS or more and receive:

  1. Training programs that are specific to you and designed to help you achieve your goals in optimal time.
  2. Exercises videos
  3. An individualised nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle plan tailored to you.
  4. Regular catch-up and performance feedback via email.
  5. A monthly face-to-face catch-up via an online interactive platform such as facetime/skype with your Personal ASP Coach.
  6. Personal delivery and introduction of each new monthly program/phase.
  7. A first edition of the ASP ’LEAN COOKING MADE SIMPLE’ e-book. This offers simple, healthy and tasty recipes for the busy individual.
  8. The ASP ‘NUTRITION SUCCESS’ e-book that will educate you more on food and nutritional planning, keeping you on track for success.

“No matter what your personal goals are whether it be just looking and feeling great, powerlifting, sports specific training or even stepping on stage to compete. This centre is where you need to be!” – John J

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“I want to thank Ben and the entire ASP Team for their guidance and motivation that has pushed me to train harder and smarter and most importantly, provided me with the encouragement to continue my journey.” -Simon S

“Coach Ben and The ASP Team, thank you! This has been life changing. If you are an athlete like myself, these guys are at the top of their game. Get your edge with ASP!”

How does ASP Online work?

You will receive several lifestyle and training questionnaires immediately once your registration and payment is complete. These are specifically designed to allow us to understand your goals, history, strengths and limitations better. Your answers will help your coach design an individualised training and nutritional protocol.

You will be allocated an ASP Coach once we have received your completed questionnaires. They will deliver your programs and nutritional protocols and be in contact with you weekly though emails that adhere to a structured format. Each new monthly program will be delivered via email and then personally followed up through an online interaction platform like Skype or FaceTime. The coach will also use this time to discuss your progress as well as plan and structure your nutrition to ensure your progress is continuous.

Your improvements will be tracked via pictures, measurement systems, and your responses though weekly check-ins. Any alterations to your programming or nutrition will be made if necessary based on your feedback and progress.

Your optimal results are our priority and we are committed to work with you over the term of your chosen programming plan and support you to achieve your desired fitness goal.

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