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Advanced Hypertrophy


This course is a follow-on to the ASP Hypertrophy level 1 course. Once you have mastered the basics of program design and nutritional planning around your hypertrophy goal, you are now ready to get your black belt.


Advanced hypertrophy will look deeper into the physiology of muscle growth, and examine the pathways involved to maximize sarcoplasmic and myofibrilar hypertrophy. It will compare scientific journals with traditional methods and clinical practice to highlight the most effective solutions and how this can be applied individually.


Specifically, the 3-day intensive course delves into a lot more science and advanced protocols to maximize hypertrophy. It includes topics such as:


  • The actual physiology of hypertrophy and muscle growth, and how to effectively create those conditions for optimal results.


  • Advanced training variables and program design methodologies in maximizing hypertrophy.


  • Advanced training protocols used by the pros and top athletic coaches.


  • Calories and other variables to consider in nutrition like gut health, nutrient utilization and energy production.


  • Hypertrophy specific nutrition and supplementation and the individualization of that.


  • Diet comparisons, dietary manipulation techniques and the practical application of nutrition.


  • The immediate application of theories through training practicals.


Each day will be split into 2 theory sessions and 2 practical training sessions where participants will be trained through an array of different hypertrophy style programs, allowing them to apply the theory they have learnt to their own/clients training protocols.



  • Fitness professionals, such as athletes, coaches and trainers.


  • Bodybuilders, physique and bikini competitors.


  • Fitness enthusiasts who want to learn more and take their fat loss knowledge and training specificity to the next level.




  • ASP Hypertrophy level 1 course




  • The course is a REPS UAE certified course and participants will receive the full 10 CPD points for the 3 days. Participants will also receive a certificate of course completion recognized by ASP Education International.



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