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Linora L

I have nothing but gratitude to my coach Ben from Australian Strength Performance who has taught me a new way in living a healthier lifestyle, specific to my body type.

Allow me start from the beginning.

I’m Linora. Being a radio announcer host and fitness public figure in Malaysia my life is very hectic and erratic. The entertainment line, requires me to look my best and honestly I can tell you, my bulky frame wasn’t something that was appealing at times – giving people the perception that because I lifted weights I looked “big, despite putting in hours of weight training at the gym and eating what I thought was healthier food. Something just wasn’t right for me, because I was just not getting leaner or smaller.

With that said, I then made the decision to take part my first ever sports model competition – Battle of the Freaks 2 (NABBA-WFF), as a challenge to the chubby/bulky girl in me. I wanted to do this 2 years ago but my mind wasn’t ready for the commitment of the journey.

I contacted Ben saying I’m ready to be very serious. I wanted to see how far I could take myself in changing myself. Not being bias, when I first heard about Ben from Australian Strength Performance, I was ecstatic cause after reading his profile and experience with previous clients I knew I had found the coach for me.

I thought online training would’ve been difficult, but Ben is a coach who takes the time to understand his clients well, he guided me every step of the way with the immense knowledge he has in physique transformation.

Being a bulky mesomorph and a girl with PCOS, Ben was extremely scientific in catering training, nutrition and supplementation for my body type. My eating plan allowed me to understand the role of hormones and how they affect my nutritional choices. What I had believed to be beneficial for me in shaping up was actually causing me to bet ‘bulkier’ and hold on to unnecessary fat. When my mid-section started to showed even more prominent abs and ‘lines’, I really couldn’t believe it. Same goes for my shoulders, my arms and legs…they weren’t bulky anymore.

Ben also focused greatly on my mindset, teaching me to filter my thoughts and focus on what I set my heart on. He checked up on me consistently and gave me encouragement when I needed it.

On the day of the comp he was with me on the phone from 9am up to 7pm (Malaysian time, bear in mind he’s in Australia) to ensure I knew what to do before I hit the stage. For a first timer, I was ecstatic when I placed 6th in both the Short and Novice Bikini categories. It was crazy, emotional and physical journey… but all so so worth it!

Ben is truly a great coach, teaching me how to get the most out of my training by changing small habits, his knowledge on nutrition and the science of hypertrophy is remarkable. Even spending 15 minutes with him, you would be able to learn something new. Most of all he gave me a renewing in how to approach my lifestyle.

I highly recommend anyone who wants a change in their physique and lifestyle to take on the ASP online training. The change I see in myself is still surreal and I’m very grateful to my coach Ben.

Linora L
Under Amour Sponsored Athlete
6th Bikini Model short, NABBA-WFF April 2017
6th Bikini Novice, NABBA-WFF April 2017